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In Sanskrit, the word Seva means selfless service.  I realized about a year ago that I need to incorporate more Seva into my life.  Since that moment in time, I've been searching for some kind of sign as to exactly what my service might include.  About a month ago, I received that sign.

The last yoga retreat I hosted was in Cancun and while there I met an incredible woman named Angela.  Angela genuinely and selflessly devotes a huge chunk of her time to fighting for the rights of animals.  She has improved the quality of life for many dolphins, turtles, dogs, and a monkey who lives on a stretch of highway in Mexico.  I was immensely inspired not only by Angela's actions but also by her radiance.  I have never met anyone as blissful as Angela is,  Take off the last "a" in Angela and an angel is exactly what you get (please pardon the corniness).

After arriving home from Cancun, I recognized it was time to stop thinking and start doing.  And then I had a dream about 3 elephants tethered together and miserable.   I have always had a small obsession with elephants so I immediately recognized this as a sign and started researching elephant rescue centres, orphanages, and sanctuaries.  I came across a place in Thailand that seemed about as legit as they come; and then I realized I knew someone who'd been there.  Perfect; I could hear first hand that the place is quality and the money raised is put to good use.  And turns out, it is.  So it's official; Martini Yoga is adopting a baby elephant in Thailand.  And with your help, we can adopt more than just one.  The big goal?  Go see the elephants and help out in person.  And who knows, maybe in ten years, Martini Yoga will open a yoga retreat centre/elephant sanctuary.  

Hey, I like to dream big and stranger things have certainly happened.

 If you had asked me 7 years ago when I was in university studying cultural anthropology if I would be taking groups of people around the world on yoga retreats, I would have thought you were crazy.


So now I'm asking for help.  Please help support the elephants by purchasing the cotton tote bag pictured below.  The majority of the proceeds will go toward the elephants.  And the bags are super cute, machine washable, and fit a yoga mat.

The bags are $15 including taxes.  You can purchase them through me via cash or cheque to Laura Martini.  I will also keep a stash with me at all times when I am out and about teaching classes.  Contact me to purchase as a Xmas gift; they make great stocking stuffers!

Namaste for now,

l.e. martini

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