Why wine and yoga are basically the same thing.

Here are 8 reasons, no wait, 8 facts that prove practising wine and drinking yoga are basically the same thing.  I mean...

Warning: this blog post is not for the purists. 

  1. After a good session, both wine and yoga leave you feeling groggy, limber, and fearless.
  2. Both wine and yoga prevent and eliminate depression.  See: Wine fights depression  Yoga fights depression 
  3. Whether you just made eye contact with the hottie on the green mat in the corner, or the single next to you at the bar complimented your Pinot Grigio choice, your odds of going home alone tonight have decreased significantly.  Yep, both wine and yoga turn singles turn couples.
  4. Both are dangerous.  Odds of injury are significantly increased when either activity is done without a sober wingman or an experienced teacher. 
  5. Both usually end with you lying flat on your back.  And speaking of lying on your back... 
  6. Both make you better in bed,  Well, both make you think you're better in bed.
  7. No discrimination against those that are "full bodied".  And...
  8. Both require competence in foreign tongues.  Savasana.  Sauvignon.  Vinyasa.  Viognier. 

Cheers and Namaste!! 


Rock On from Kelowna, in the heart of sunny Okanagan wine country, 

l.e. martini