5 ways to piss off your yoga instructor: A rant on yoga etiquette.

I've heard it all.  My nearly 7 years of yoga teaching experience has given me the opportunity to practice reacting from a place of peace and non-judgement many times.  Here are 5 of my most challenging experiences.  Enjoy. 

  1. "I'm 9 months pregnant and my doctor told me to try yoga.  I've never done yoga before.  Is there anything I shouldn't do in this Hard Core Power Class?"  Um. Yes.  This usually happens when I'm teaching a packed class and there's about 20 seconds before the class is scheduled to start.
  2. *cell phone ringing* "Hello?  Ya, hold on I'm just taking a yoga class.  Can I call you back?".  Really?  Please turn your phones on silent ladies and gentlemen.  And never answer your phone during a class.  Ridiculous.
  3. "I feel super sick; I think I have the flu so I thought it would be better if I came to yoga instead of working out at the gym."  Thank you for being compassionate with your body but remember there are usually other people in the class! Please respect the people around you and get healthy in the comfort of your own home! If you are too sick to work, you're probably too sick to come to yoga!
  4. "I have to leave halfway through savasana."  The rules: if you absolutely have to leave before the end of class, leave BEFORE savasana so you don't disturb your neighbours.
  5. "My practice is actually way more advanced than this Easy Yoga class so I'm just going to do my own thing."  Great.  That's not going to distract anyone.  And make sure your head fits through the door on your way out.

That is all.  I feel better now.  As always,

rock on, l.e. martini