private yoga classes

A therapeutic approach to advancing your physical yoga practice

So you've been practicing yoga for a few years now but you can't seem to get into a headstand, or your shoulders hurt in downward dog, or you wish you could deepen your backbends, or your SI joint irritates you in lunges, etc.  Private yoga classes are expensive and you're not sure if your bubbly yoga instructor really knows that much about anatomy and physiology (fair enough).  You want to take your practice to the next level but you're not sure what the next step is.

Enter the Yoga Integration.

For a year now I have been working (and learning…so…much) with a registered physiotherapist to help yoga students like yourself overcome obstacles in their practice.  Your session includes a 45min assessment by a physiotherapist, followed by a private 30min yoga session specifically tailored to your needs.  The wisdom of the physio, followed by skill of the yoga educator is basically a match made in heaven.  And the entire session is covered here in Canada by medical benefits (can I get a hell ya).  The best part is that you don't have to be "injured" to take a Yoga Integration.  You can just be curious; maybe you want more insight into your practice, or maybe you just need some private attention to really help lock down your Sun Salutations.  Whatever the reason, I am super stoked to be able to put my newfound knowledge to work!  To book, please call Neumovement in Kelowna.  Here is what an integration student had to say about her experience:

I am writing to describe why I have been choosing to do Yoga Integrations and what they mean to my body and me. I am not dealing with pain in my body (after working very hard at Pilates). I am, however, working towards some goal postures in yoga and my body seems to limit me and not let me completely go into these poses. I found myself trying repeatedly to stretch or focus on the key spots I felt restricted me. After a while, I started to wonder if there were things going on that I couldn’t see or work through on my own. This is when I decided to work in tandem with my yoga instructor and physiotherapist! By treating my alignment and working on the tightness in my body from a more global set of eyes, I have been able to get my body healthily into postures I had only dreamed about such as wheel pose! I would highly recommend Yoga Integrations to any person looking to advance their practice or work on growing their practice.

— Kate W.

Hope to see you soon!

Rock on,

l.e. martini