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Introducing Yoga Teacher Prep!

Yoga Teacher Prep

An Intentional Resource Hub for Future Yoga Teachers

The last few months I've been collecting data (so official sounding, right?) to launch a website to support future yoga teachers.  This past year heralded some big changes in my teaching, namely the development of my skills as a teacher of teachers.  Through the studio I've taught at since inception here in Kelowna, Oranj Fitness, I've begun co-leading yoga teacher training programs.  Not gonna lie, I was super nervous to start this venture and had all the classic concerns like, Am I good enough?  Will they like me?  Do I have enough to offer?  Nevertheless, the first training went swimmingly and I am now on the second.

With these teacher trainings came a slew of concerns front the students involved (ironically, their concerns were similar to mine: Am I good enough?  Is teacher training right for me?).  A lightbulb went off and Yoga Teacher Prep was born.  Nowhere online could I find resources for people about to embark on a yoga teacher training program.  So I made one.  Now let me be clear; this baby is brand new, a butt-load of work, and still evolving.  But this project lights me up and I am stoked to share the resources I've found and developed.

At the moment, we're in the middle of our #108YTT Tips for future yoga teachers.  Instead of watching Narcos on Netflix (and oh how this pains me so), I've been contacting dozens of rockstar yoga teachers (literally over 100 now) to ask them for their top tips for students thinking about taking their YTT.  All kinds of yoga celebrities and international teacher training gurus have gotten back to me and we are now on week two of sharing these tips on our website and social media feeds.

So thank you for listening, I mean reading.  And thank you for the support with this new venture.  And can I ask you a favour?  If you know anyone thinking of doing their yoga teacher training, or anyone who has signed up to do one in the future, can you please share this with them?  Thank you again.

Cheers and Namaste,

l.e. martini

Am I less of a yoga teacher because I can't handstand?

Recently, I've succumbed to insecurities I thought I was strong enough to avoid.  I blame social media for the nosedive in confidence, and I know I'm not the only yoga teacher who feels this way.  

Here's the deal.  I CAN'T DO A HANDSTAND.  I'm not even close. I recognize that a lot of practice (including but not limited to: creating new neural pathways in my brain, the release of the fear of injury and ego, the increase of flexibility in my shoulders, and the increase of core strength) would be required to get me to the point of handstand freedom.  Alas, I am in handstand tyranny; a place where I feel the pressure to practice but would much rather spend my time drinking coffee with loquacious fellow yoga students and teachers, hiking sun-drenched mountains with my pooch, and traveling to different cultures.  I accept this, but I can't seem to free my mind from the ego hit it takes every time I see a photo of my favourite yogi doing a handstand on Facebook.

Behold!  A highly impressive seated spinal twist!!

Behold!  A highly impressive seated spinal twist!!

Social media has taught me that because of the choices I've made, I will never be a "famous" yogini.  I will never get thousands of followers on Instagram, I will never travel the continent for the sake of leading yoga workshops because society will recognize that I am not as good of a teacher as the instructors who can, in fact, handstand.  

Now I recognize that a lot of you are pissed off reading this, maybe you don't agree with what I'm saying and that's okay.  Or maybe you think I should stop whining and gallivanting and instead put some more time into my practice.  OK, fair, but here's what I've observed: I worked super hard to learn how to do a headstand.  And then, finally, it happened.  The end.  There was no pinnacle moment of enlightenment.  My happiness level did not significantly increase as soon as I learned how to stand on my head.  I learned how to do a pose.  End of story.  Meanwhile, elephants continued to be poached in Africa, there was a political uprising in Syria, and a cruise ship sunk off the coast of Italy.

The conclusion: This is a shout out to all the yogis and yoga instructors who think less of themselves because their practice is not "fancy" or "photo worthy".  It is your choice.  You can do the more challenging postures if you practice, anyone can.  But sometimes you have to practice A LOT.  If this is important to you, go for it.  You can do it!  But if you don't practice, it will likely never happen.  Recognize that this is a choice you make and stand by your decision.  If you spend your free time gardening instead of hand standing, you go girl!  Embrace those flowers!  Your activity is just as worthy!  Ultimately, your practice is perfect, just as it is.  Oh, and so are you:)

Rock on,

l.e. martini