Laura's charity, Yoga for Elephants, was born after waking from a dream in which 3 elephants were miserably tethered together in an arena.  This was not long after she had visited and rode on an elephant in a park in Bali, Indonesia.  After much research, Laura recognized that the elephants of Asia could use some help!  

The World Wildlife Foundation reports that Asian elephants are an endangered species with only 25,000-32,000 left on the planet (half of what there was 50 years ago).  The main reason the population is dwindling is due to increasing human population and development in natural elephant habitats.  The male population has been targeted by ivory poachers and the WWF released this fact: 

"The number of ivory seizures worldwide averages 92 cases a month, or three per day."

For more information on Asian elephants, please visit the WWF-Asian elephants website.

To help the elephants, Laura teaches by-donation "Elephant Flow" classes and sells cotton tote bags.  She donates all the proceeds from both efforts to a sanctuary in Thailand called the Elephant Nature Park.  The bags can be purchased from Laura directly.  Please email or phone Laura if you would like a bag.  Bags are $15.

Martini Yoga tote bags are $15 and all proceeds go to the elephants.

Martini Yoga tote bags are $15 and all proceeds go to the elephants.

Meet the herd we've been able to sponsor for 2013!