martini yoga is a yoga retreat company based on the belief that one should never take life too seriously and that vacation time should never be wasted!  laughs, wine, culture, self-exploration, connection to nature, and expert yoga instruction are all elements of a martini yoga retreat.  it's easy to learn how to be in the moment when each moment is utterly awe-inspiring.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats 2015:

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat BALI May 3-10

Thank YOU for opening our minds and bodies to the practice and teachings of yoga on the retreat; for opening our ears to listen to others and our own voice inside that we sometimes ignore; for opening our eyes to the beauty and culture of the Balinese people and the world around us; for opening our souls to look inward and discover things we didn’t see about ourselves before; and for opening our hearts to new friendships and connections we will have for life. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to being a ‘repeat offender’! (with a smaller suitcase next time…)
— Sue M

martini yoga's vision- to spread the teachings and tools needed to live life blissfully as if on a yoga retreat every day... 

Laura’s yoga classes are AWESOME - there’s something about her voice that is just so soothing! I know when I’m having a bad day, an hour of yoga will set me straight, no matter what, and help me back to my centre. I love that she meets her students where they are at - I even brought my mom to a private class with her after a recent surgery! Laura has helped me learn to honour my body, move in ways I never thought possible, and most importantly, to just BE STILL. Thanks Laura!
— Jessica D