Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat MEXICO 2015

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat MEXICO 2015

3rd annual Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat MEXICO 2016 (1 spot left):

Jan.2-9 at Haramara Yoga Retreat Center in the trendy fishing village of Sayulita, Mexico

a New Year's Intention Setting Retreat

Includes 7 nights' ocean front cabana accommodation, 3 fresh and locally sourced meals daily, 3 hours of yoga and meditation instruction daily, intention-setting coaching, and a traditional Mexican sweat lodge experience.  Starting at $1550 USD.  Rooms are first come, first serve.  Please email laura@martiniyoga.ca if you have any questions about the retreat; there are many reasons we do this retreat every year!

martini yoga's vision- to spread the teachings and tools needed to live life blissfully as if on a yoga retreat every day...


Thank YOU for opening our minds and bodies to the practice and teachings of yoga on the retreat; for opening our ears to listen to others and our own voice inside that we sometimes ignore; for opening our eyes to the beauty and culture of the Balinese people and the world around us; for opening our souls to look inward and discover things we didn’t see about ourselves before; and for opening our hearts to new friendships and connections we will have for life. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to being a ‘repeat offender’! (with a smaller suitcase next time…)
— Sue M
Martini Yoga retreats are a great way to escape to beautiful destinations. I’ve been on several of these adventures and every time I’ve met some of the best people in some of the most amazing places. The only downside is that you never want to leave.
— Mitch M
Laura is amazing! Her teaching style is precise, challenging, and nurturing.
— Jessica B
Laura’s yoga classes are AWESOME - there’s something about her voice that is just so soothing! I know when I’m having a bad day, an hour of yoga will set me straight, no matter what, and help me back to my centre. I love that she meets her students where they are at - I even brought my mom to a private class with her after a recent surgery! Laura has helped me learn to honour my body, move in ways I never thought possible, and most importantly, to just BE STILL. Thanks Laura!
— Jessica D
The Martini Yoga Retreat was a great experience that benefitted me both physically and mentally. I came home with a whole new perspective.
— Sarah K
Going on the yoga retreat was one of the best decisions I have made to date. I tossed the idea around for three months and finally decided to just go for it. The retreat helped me build my knowledge and appreciation for the practice of yoga. I learned the fundamentals of my yoga practice and furthered my practice by getting into poses I have never been able to before. Being able to relax, and not focus on the day to day distractions and be present during the classes was just what I needed. Laura is a wonderful teacher and I would definitely consider another retreat in the future.
— Angela V
Laura’s retreats are fantastic! I leave the retreat feeling renewed and ready to conquer my busy life. She helps me to feel centred.
— Kim I