SUP Yoga Kelowna 2019

When: 75 minute practice Aug. 31 at 9am and 10:30am

Where: Beach Access at the foot of Francis Ave (Maude-Roxby Bird Sanctuary)

How much: $25 BYOB or $40 including board and paddle rental (register ASAP as boards are limited)

What to bring: As little as possible as there is no space to store your stuff! Please lock everything in your car and ensure you’re wearing clothes that can stash your car key. You will also need to lock your shoes in your car or be comfortable leaving them on the beach. Wear a bathing suit (we’ll be doing lots of down dogs so that Brazilian bikini might not be the most comfortable option…) or light clothing you don’t mind getting wet. A hat and sunscreen are also good ideas. Sunglasses could potentially fall off and meet their demise at the bottom of the lake. No need for a lifejacket as we stay close to shore in a shallow bay.

Will you fall off? About 50% of students fall off their boards. There is no shame in this and it can be a refreshing break:)

Pre-registration and payment is required as space is limited. Please fill out the form below and submit your payment via the PayPal button or via email transfer to Your registration is complete once Laura emails you confirming she has received both your payment and registration form completed. I’M SO EXCITED!

Name *
By attending or participating in Martini Yoga/Laura Martini's SUP Yoga classes, the undersigned (“Participant”) understands and agrees that participation in this class is conditioned upon Participant’s agreement to the terms and conditions of this Waiver of Liability – Hold Harmless (this “Agreement”). Participant is of sound mind and judgment and understands and agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Participant hereby assumes full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of his/her participation in or involvement in the above referenced class, and completely waives, to the greatest extent permitted by law, any and all claims that he/she may hereafter have against Martini Yoga ( which claims relate in any way to, or which arise directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from the conduction of the classes, including claims that may arise out of the negligence or gross negligence of such persons or entities. Participant understands that yoga involves the inherent risk of physical injuries or other damage, including, but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/back/foot injuries and other illness, soreness or other injury however caused during participation in the class. Participant further acknowledge that each class requires physical activity and carries with it the potential of serious injury, and property loss. The risks include, but are not limited to those caused by terrain, temperature, weather, condition of participants, lack of hydration, and actions of others in this activity. Participant realizes that liability may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities listed above; from dangerous or defective equipment or property owned, maintained or controlled by them; or conditions beyond the Indemnified Parties control. Participant attests to the fact that he/she is physically fit and has not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. I give my permission for my photograph to be taken and posted on Martini Yoga’s social media. I hereby certify that I have read this document in its entirety and all accompanying rules and safety recommendations and understand their contents. I agree to the charges listed above and understand the risk involved in participating in this activity. *
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Mandala Studio Yoga Classes in Kelowna, BC

Next classes will run in fall of 2019. Please check back in late summer for the schedule line-up!

Mandala Studio (2).png
  • All classes are held at Laura Martini's home studio, Mandala Studio, at 460 Birch Ave. in Kelowna, BC (near the hospital). Please park on the street or in the driveway and go around back to the separate basement entrance for the studio at the left side of the house.

  • The studio is equipped with a washroom including a shower and a space to leave your purse/bag and shoes. I can fit about 12 people comfortably in the studio so class sizes are small and limited.

  • Please arrive a few minutes early for class so we can start on time. I will unlock the door to the studio 15 min. before class begins.

  • I have two dogs, a cat and a baby:) Please let me know if you have a fear or allergy. They are barky (well not the cat…sometimes the baby…) but harmless.

  • All classes are ALL LEVELS:) Wherever you are at, I will meet you there. *um was that too cheesy? sorry...

  • If you have to miss a class for whatever reason, just ask Laura how you can make it up! There might be a way to sneak into another class if it's not full!


Private Yoga Classes

For more information or to book a private class please fill out the provided form on the contact page and provide your preferred dates/times.  Private classes start at $125/hr for 1-2 students and $150/hr for any more than 2 students.  Private classes help to ensure your alignment is top-notch, they are excellent ways for beginners to become introduced to yoga, they make a bachelorette party relaxing, and they make an anniversary extra special.  Mats are provided.

Corporate Yoga Classes

I'm available to teach corporate yoga classes in the Okanagan.  I can come to your workplace 1-3 times per week and lead a 30-60 min class of your preferred style (anything from Easy to Advanced).  Cost is $150 per class regardless of the number of people attending.  Be sure to check if your workplace has a health and wellness budget as well as it could mean free classes for you and your colleagues:)  

A space (board room, courtyard, lecture hall, gym) and mats are required.  I will bring a few extra mats just in case. 

  • email to book

Classes at Oranj Fitness

Laura is currently teaching at Oranj Fitness in Kelowna, BC.

  • Monday Rise ‘n’ Shine Flow Yoga 9:15am

  • Tuesday Happy Medium Flow Yoga 4:45pm

  • Wednesday Power Flow Yoga 9:15am