Mandala Studio Winter 2018 Yoga Classes in Kelowna, BC

Registration is now open for the next 6-week series beginning Feb.21, 2018 and ending Mar.29. Classes are available via pre-registration only. Registration closes Feb.8. The 6-week series consists of one class per week and is $157.50 including tax.

Wednesdays (SOLD OUT) and Thursdays 7:15-8:30pm Aromatherapy Yin: A relaxing and slow-paced class designed to deeply stretch out the major muscles and joints of the body. Each posture is held for 2-5 minutes. Laura will apply a variety of essential oils to your skin (they are 100% safe and blended with a carrier oil) as you deepen your breath and relax into the postures. 

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  • All classes are held at Laura Martini's home studio, Mandala Studio, at 460 Birch Ave. in Kelowna, BC (near the hospital). Please park on the street or in the driveway and go around back to the separate basement entrance for the studio at the left side of the house.
  • The studio is equipped with a washroom including a shower and a space to leave your purse/bag and shoes. I can fit about 12 people comfortably in the studio so class sizes are small and limited.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for class so we can start on time. I will unlock the door to the studio 15 min. before class begins.
  • I have two dogs and a cat:) Please let me know if you have a fear or allergy. They are barky (well not the cat) but harmless.
  • All classes are ALL LEVELS:) Wherever you are at, I will meet you there. *um was that too cheesy? sorry...
  • If you have to miss a class for whatever reason, just ask Laura how you can make it up! There might be a way to sneak into another class if it's not full!
  • I'm pregnant and expecting a baby near the end of April. This series is my last "hurrah' before baby comes! If anything should come up that would prevent me from leading all the classes, you will be refunded for the classes missed.

 Beginning Jan.1, you can find me teaching Power Yoga most Wednesdays at 9:15am at Oranj Fitness:)

Private Yoga Classes

For more information or to book a private class please fill out the provided form on the contact page and provide your preferred dates/times.  Private classes start at $125/hr for 1-2 students and $150/hr for any more than 2 students.  Private classes help to ensure your alignment is top-notch, they are excellent ways for beginners to become introduced to yoga, they make a bachelorette party relaxing, and they make an anniversary extra special.  Mats are provided.

Corporate Yoga Classes

I'm available to teach corporate yoga classes in the Okanagan.  I can come to your workplace 1-3 times per week and lead a 30-60 min class of your preferred style (anything from Easy to Advanced).  Cost is $150 per class regardless of the number of people attending.  Be sure to check if your workplace has a health and wellness budget as well as it could mean free classes for you and your colleagues:)  

A space (board room, courtyard, lecture hall, gym) and mats are required.  I will bring a few extra mats just in case. 

  • email to book