Computer Yoga

Holy Dina I am suffering with a western world issue.  The switch from PC to Mac this past week has been the most challenging yoga practice for me.  And yes, it really was a yoga practice.  No yoga pose has taught to be this patient, to breathe through this much discomfort, or to overcome this much self-judgement!

After a few days of procrastinating (i.e. refusing to return emails because of an excuse I call "the holidays", ignoring Facebook questions, pretending the yoga retreat to-do list doesn't exist, etc.) my good ol' PC bit it in a slow and agonizing death of random powering-down episodes and refusal to download anything.  Left in a panic, I frantically ran out and purchased a snazzy new MacBook Air this morning.  10 hours later I haven't even figured out how to choose my Home Page.  

Needless to say, I have a newfound respect for geeks everywhere.  The amount of time I could save if I was somewhat technologically savvy is mind-blowing to me.  Nevertheless, if yoga has taught me anything it is to work hard, plug on, and surrender the results.  I am going to let go of the guilt of not getting off the couch for an entire day because sometimes, when put into perspective, these problems are not as big as they may seem at the time.  

There are elephants stepping on land mines in Asia.  NOW THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM.

After a long day of doing what feels like nothing, a few movements brought to us from the tradition of yoga will make everything better.  Here are the best yogic ways to release the tension (both physical and mental) from your body after spending a ridiculous amount of time in front of a computer.  You're welcome.

1)  Take 10 deep breaths.  When you inhale, think "in".  When you exhale, think "out".  

2)  Stretch your wrists.  Find your wrists' full range of motion.  This prevents carpal tunnel.


3) Roll your neck in a circle.  This is safe to do so long as your spine is straight, chest is lifted, and you create a long distance relationship between your shoulders and your ears.

4) Roll you shoulders forward and then roll your shoulders back.  Take note of any cracks and crunches.

5) Now get away from the computer and do some cardio.  I should probably follow my own advice...

Namaste and Rock On,

l.e. martini