Best Savasana Songs

Ever had the most blissed-out relaxation at the end of a yoga class?

 In the western world, where our Type A culture is always on the go, it can be difficult to find stillness of mind.  Yoga has taught us that contorting our bodies among strangers, breathing in new rhythms, and following the guidance of a new age hippie instructor can perhaps, just perhaps, give us the opportunity to glimpse a fleeting moment of meditative deliciousness.  My teaching experience has taught me that one of the best ways to facilitate a blissed-out savasana is through music.

 Here are my top 3 savasana songs:

donna de lory.jpg

He Ma Durga by Donna De Lory is a song that evokes devotion, compassion, and yearning. A beautiful melody that will inevitably get stuck in your head for the rest of your day:)  Random fact:  Donna De Lory was once a back-up singer for Madonna.

Akasha Ma by Wah.  The most meditative of the savasana songs.  Get lost in a yogic trance listening to Wah's ethereal sounds.

Om Namo Bhagavate by Deva Premal.  The meaning of this song is "Thy Will Be Done" or "Surrender the Results".  Both of which are powerful and appropriate for the end of a yoga practice.  The song is hauntingly beautiful and the mantra also happens to be the most commonly associated with the Kripalu lineage.

May your savasanas be blissful always,

l.e. martini