The best yoga poses for hiking.

Now that the weather has turned crisp and the leaves are crunching beneath our feet, hikers across the northern hemisphere are lacing up their shoes and heading outside.  If you are one of the many who enjoy the benefits of a brisk fall hike amidst the golden foliage, here are some yoga postures for you to enhance your hiking experience! 

Low Lunge with hands bound.

Low Lunge with hands bound.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Double Pigeon

Double Pigeon

  1. Double Pigeon.

     Sit on your bum and stack your lower legs like fire logs.  Lean forward as far as is comfortable for you, keeping the sitz bones on the ground.  If this is not accessible for you, do regular pigeon instead.  This posture directly targets the side and back compartments of the hip and also releases tightness from the glutes.  A great posture to do after hiking.

  2. Low Lunge. 

     The repetitive motion of lifting and lowering your legs will inevitably tighten the hip flexors.  Low lunges can help to stretch this part of your body out and release tension from the front of the hip.

  3. Any forward fold.

     Ensure you feel the stretch in the middle of the back of the thigh.

  4. Tree Pose.

     Use your body to show a little nature appreciation:)  And (bonus!) cultivate a greater sense of balance while you're at it. 

  5. Seated Meditation.

       I recommend taking a few minutes to pause, sit, and breathe deeply during your hike.  Focus on the beauty and spirituality inherent in nature.  Allow your heart rate to slow, and soften everywhere you can to allow for a deep sense of peace and relaxation.


    Happy Hiking and many Namastes to you! 

    Rock On, 

    l.e. martini