The hottest yoga-inspired companies to watch

The commodification of yoga is nothing new.  Companies across the planet are popping up to cash in on the trendiness of yoga and the "yoga image".  What I admire about the following companies is that they have stayed true to the spirit of yoga.  They encourage people to recognize that yoga is not just a physical practice; it is so much more!  Here are my top 3 favourite companies that have encouraged the modern yoga student/consumer to dive deeper into their practice off the mat.

Tiny Devotions

Tiny Devotions

  1. Tiny Devotions.  The mala-making Canadian company has not just kept the practice of mantra (affirmations) and mala (108 bead sacred necklaces with powerful crystals) alive.  It has made it hot and trendy!  Tiny Devotions' necklaces and jewelry can be found on celebrities and common folk alike.  
  2. Yoga Download.  Not only does this website allow you to subscribe to stream hundreds of yoga classes from the comfort of your home, you can also purchase the classes individually, purchase music, view free classes, and stream or purchase pilates and barre classes too.  I love the diversity of this site.
  3. Inner Fire.  I first wandered across this Vancouver-based apparel company 2 years ago at Wanderlust in Whistler.  I was struck by the cheeky and inspirational quotes that adorned their uber soft tank tops.  The Inner Fire clothing line is functional both on and off the mat, and the products are guaranteed to make you smile:)
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Remember: be conscious of where you spend your dollar.  Making a purchase is liking placing a vote; that's why it is important to buy local, natural, and organic whenever possible!

Rock On,

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