If I see one more photo of Kelowna's sunny winter...

I've been in Mexico and Costa Rica for 3 weeks now.  When I left my Canadian hometown of Kelowna, it was cold and there was snow.  Since that time, every moment I've logged on to Facebook I've been inundated with exclamations about how lovely the weather in Kelowna is.  Here's an example:

"OMG!  Another beautiful morning in Kelowna.  So grateful for the sunshine!! :) :)" (Insert photo of blue sky and bright sun here)

I have seriously seen you all post this; don't try to deny it.  Every one of you Kelownians.  You all seem so thrilled.  So happy to live in such a beautiful place while your cousins out east are suffocating in snowdrifts as tall as their tractors.  Here's my beef: Doesn't this weather seem wrong to you?  Isn't there supposed to be snow in February?  Aren't people normally skiing?  IS NOBODY CONCERNED THAT THE TULIPS ARE ALREADY GROWING OUT OF THE EARTH?  

One night two weeks ago while on retreat in Mexico, we had a thunderstorm.  One of the locals told me the next day that it NEVER rains in February and in that month, they had 5 days of rain.  This unusual weather was worrisome because it was threatening to destroy the year's entire crop of beans!  In other news, a few of my Mexican retreaters missed flights back home because the east coast was not prepared to deal with the amount of snow it was receiving as the weather was NOT NORMAL.

Mother Nature (or Pachamama as they call her down here) is angry.  I get that in Kelowna sunshine is a rare commodity in the winter so it is exciting to see it, but, someone please educate me…what is the current state of Global Warming?  Where is Al Gore when you need him?  

This has nothing to do with yoga, but I plead for you to have mindfulness.  Especially with who you vote for.  Canada is not leading the way in environmentalism.  We have the power to change this if we are mindful of who we select to be our leaders.  Something has to change and it has to change soon.  Rant over.  Love you.  Peace out.

l.e. martini