Now is the time to stop seeking.

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We live in a culture of epic quests.  Perpetually unsatisfied with the present, we go on lengthy pilgrimages to discover "who we really are".  We pay hot self-help superstars thousands of dollars, we fly to remote locations, we prescribe to insane and methodical lifestyle regimes, we join new religions, all so that we can crack the code to happiness and discover once and for all the meaning of life.

Many people come to yoga for this reason; they have recognized that they are suffering and need someone/something to fix it.  Yoga will not.  This is a myth.  Nevertheless, yoga has the ability to shed light on the reality of the situation; everything you are seeking already lies within you.  Yoga can not help you avoid grief, or pain, or depression.  In fact, the core lesson of yoga is that we need to stop avoiding what we're feeling; now is the time of allowance.  We must become present to recognize that there is an inherent wisdom within each and every soul on this planet.  Here is how we do it (I credit my Kripalu teachers Harshad and Uchita Thomlinson of Tandava Yoga for this knowledge):


1. Breathe.

2 Relax

3. Feel

4. Watch

5. Allow 

Now I can't tell you exactly what will happen when you practice these 5 steps (they work most effectively when done in this order), I can promise you that after continual practice, your reaction to stress will change and you will become more aware.  This is key.  You must become more mindful to know who you really are (and who you really are is actually pretty darn cool).

So that's it.  BRFWA.  Memorize that like your life depends on it.  Because it does.  And stop looking for the answers outside of yourself.  Get on your mat and get on your meditation cushion for the sole purpose of getting to know who you really are.  No one (no matter how intuitive) can tell you who you really are but you alone.