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Top of the Mat: What it is and why we created it!

A week ago, rockstar marketing guru (and uber-bendy yogini) Shauna Nyrose and I launched a company aimed at increasing the success of yoga instructors through mentorship.  We have named this new venture "Top of the Mat" and today I'd like to share with you my vision for this company. 

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While on a yoga vacation together last year, Shauna and I came to the conclusion that the support for new yoga teachers in our community was lacking.  We both found the transition from yoga school student to successful full-time yoga instructor challenging and loaded with obstacles.  This is when we came to the conclusion that it was, in fact, not only our calling but our duty to provide instructors with the information and tools to navigate this transition as easily as possible.  The information we have to offer comes from a variety of resources: informative podcasts, marketing education, multiple teacher trainings and workshops, as well as our own trial and error.

So what are we offering yoga instructors?  Our first workshop series begins Feb. 22, 2014 with 3 consecutive weekends of training and practical application.  This is our Level 1 mentorship program and it is available to all yoga instructors no matter if you are fresh out of training or have been teaching for years and are finding yourself wanting something more out of your career.  If you are an instructor passionate about your teaching career, I truly hope you can join us; I promise that we have a lot to offer!

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Cheers and Namaste,

l.e. martini

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