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Okanagan Kelowna Yoga Retreats

Just released!  2015's line up of Vino & Vinyasa Yoga Retreats are here!  Please join me this year in a sumptuous Okanagan getaway in the heart of wine country!  Retreats are being held at Predator Ridge in Vernon, and Summerland Waterfront Resort.  Prices range from $649-$679 based on double occupancy, and an additional $200 if you would like single occupancy.  All retreats include 2 nights' accommodation, 5 meals, a chauffeured wine tour, and 3 All Levels yoga classes with Laura Martini.  Please check the gallery to view pictures of past retreats!

Now is the time to stop seeking.

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We live in a culture of epic quests.  Perpetually unsatisfied with the present, we go on lengthy pilgrimages to discover "who we really are".  We pay hot self-help superstars thousands of dollars, we fly to remote locations, we prescribe to insane and methodical lifestyle regimes, we join new religions, all so that we can crack the code to happiness and discover once and for all the meaning of life.

Many people come to yoga for this reason; they have recognized that they are suffering and need someone/something to fix it.  Yoga will not.  This is a myth.  Nevertheless, yoga has the ability to shed light on the reality of the situation; everything you are seeking already lies within you.  Yoga can not help you avoid grief, or pain, or depression.  In fact, the core lesson of yoga is that we need to stop avoiding what we're feeling; now is the time of allowance.  We must become present to recognize that there is an inherent wisdom within each and every soul on this planet.  Here is how we do it (I credit my Kripalu teachers Harshad and Uchita Thomlinson of Tandava Yoga for this knowledge):


1. Breathe.

2 Relax

3. Feel

4. Watch

5. Allow 

Now I can't tell you exactly what will happen when you practice these 5 steps (they work most effectively when done in this order), I can promise you that after continual practice, your reaction to stress will change and you will become more aware.  This is key.  You must become more mindful to know who you really are (and who you really are is actually pretty darn cool).

So that's it.  BRFWA.  Memorize that like your life depends on it.  Because it does.  And stop looking for the answers outside of yourself.  Get on your mat and get on your meditation cushion for the sole purpose of getting to know who you really are.  No one (no matter how intuitive) can tell you who you really are but you alone.

Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Playlists

Cheers and Namaste!  As yoga instructors, it is almost a bit embarrassing to confess to the power of the playlist.  As much as we'd like to think that the quality of our classes depend on our skill, experience, charisma, and compassion, our playlist has the serious ability to effect the tone, or "bhava" of our class.  Here is my current Vinyasa playlist which I use for my Power and Happy Medium Yoga classes, as well as a Hatha playlist which I use for my Easy and Yin Yoga classes.  The playlists are around 1 hour in length.

Vinyasa Playlist:

Hatha Playlist:

A Yoga Retreat Sale. Say what???

Hola Amigos!  For the month of June I am offering a special discount on all my international retreats!  This includes the...

 Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat MEXICO

Feb. 7-14, 2015

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat COSTA RICA 

Feb. 21-27, 2015

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat BALI 

May 3-10, 2015

Receive $75 off your retreat if you book before the end of June.  This can not be combined with any other offer however "repeat offenders" will be given $75 off instead of their usual $50 discount.  Retreat availability is first come, first serve, and the multiple occupancy spots are always the first to go so please book ASAP!  Now, if you're not already convinced that you will need a yoga retreat by 2015, here are some 2014 retreat photos to drool over...

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat MEXICO

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat COSTA RICA

Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat BALI

Martini Yoga Philosophy

Namaste!  I recently returned from the Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat BALI 2014 and unfortunately, the 11 hour flight home did not include a television and I had already finished reading all my books!!  No entertainment?  I was left to be present to my own devices for an entire 11 hours!  Thus, in between meals I sketched out the defining philosophies that sum up everything I've learned (and am still learning) from my experience in yoga practice.  These key mantras are what motivate the growth of my teachings; they are what inspire and keep me happy and healthy.  I can teach you how to do an anatomically accurate downward dog, but it is the philosophical stuff that has to do with your life off the mat that really gets me fired up!  So here it is, the Martini Yoga Manifesto.  If we've ever been in class together or retreated together, you will probably recognize some of these teachings as I tend to like to preach them til the cows come home (that happens around Thanksgiving on my parents' farm in case you were wondering…which you probably weren't). 

Learning how to drop back to Wheel Pose during the Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat BALI 2014

Learning how to drop back to Wheel Pose during the Jungle Spirit Yoga Retreat BALI 2014



  1. JUNGLE SPIRIT:  The innate wisdom that we, as living beings, come from the earth and are thus happiest when we spend time cultivating a deep connection to Mother Nature.
  2. ROCK ON:  Be proud of your efforts, surrender the fruits of your labour, and continuously remind yourself that it's all good.
  3. TRANSFORM YOUR PERSPECTIVE:  Always remember that you have the power to control the way you perceive reality.  Your concept of reality is different from everyone else's.  Never judge anyone for viewing the world differently than you do.
  4. RETREAT:  In order to stay inspired and healthy, you must never forget to take time off for yourself to completely relax, do yoga, eat well, laugh, and love the living being that houses your mental and spiritual body.
  5. NEVER STOP LEARNING: Honour that you can never master anything as the world changes on a daily basis.  Always focus on bettering yourself and the world around you.  Trust that on your dying day, you will be proud of your capacity for growth and the good that you created with the wisdom you have developed.
  6. IT'S ALL YOGA: Yoga occurs everywhere, in every decision you make, in every reaction you take, and in who you choose to be both on and off your mat.  Everything you do is a practice in yoga.
  7. YOU ARE PERFECT.  Let your yoga practice not be about getting somewhere, but about being comfortable with where you are right now.  Everything about this moment is innately perfect.
Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

Please understand if you don't agree with these mantras, that's okay!  Different philosophies work for different people with different beliefs.  These work for me because they inspire me to be a better and more loving person.  In our culture, I feel like this is something I need to be reminded of on a daily basis!  Anyways, happy spring everyone, and, as always...

rock on

l.e. martini